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Impact of the “Scientific Consensus” on Global Warming on Business and Consumers

The only consensus over the threat of climate change that seems to exist these days is that there is no consensus. The much-heralded 2007 United Nations report on greenhouse gas emissions has served as a catalyst for lawmakers to burden traditional energy sources with regulations in favor of so-called clean […] Read the original post […]

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David Kreutzer on Solar Panels on the White House on FNC

David Kreutzer comments on the installation of solar panels on the White House. Read the original post by miscellaneous

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The Impact of Cap-and-Trade on Homeownership

Proposed legislation would offer financial incentives to increase the population density of communities in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy use. However, the available evidence, which is admittedly limited, indicates that such “smart growth” policies are misguided, producing minimal results at great expense and disruption. Such policies […] Read the original post […]

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