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Small Nuclear Reactors, Big Energy Pay-Offs

More and more companies—in the U.S. and abroad—are investing in new commercial nuclear enterprises, chief among them, small modular reactors (SMRs). The SMR industry is growing, with many promising developments in the works—which is precisely why the government should not interfere, as subsidies and government programs have already resulted in […] Read the original post […]

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Incandescent Bulbs Phase-Out: Let There Be Light Bulb Choice

Government loves to spend your money. Yet it’s also keen on telling you how to save money, particularly when it comes to energy use. Here’s how it works, allegedly: The government implements tighter energy efficiency standards on businesses, you save money, we reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, and everyone goes home happy. […] Read the original post […]

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A Good Energy Bill Can Make Gas Prices and Electricity Affordable

Congress should be wary of Members using rising gas prices as an excuse to pass energy legislation that would not address the problem. Read the original post by miscellaneous

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Pocket-sized WIFI movie projector with apps

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